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Supreme Series Film

Premium line of dyed film that comes with a lifetime warranty against bubbling fading and pealing

High Perfomance Series

Premium Hybrid film desighed to block out up to 70% of the Heat and energy from the sun.

Ultra Performance

This is one of the highest performing films in the industry. Infused with ceramic and utilizing nano-particle technology, this film guarantees the highest reduction of heat, period.

At Elite Auto Image we use the highest quality film from "Premium Tech" and  "Solar Gard." Manufactured with strong ultraviolet inhibitors, the films reject nearly all ultraviolet light, so passengers receive “sunscreen-like” protection, while the vehicle’s trim, fabric or leather upholstery are much less likely to fade. Plus, the solar control properties of automotive window film block significant amounts of solar energy, so the vehicle is cooler and more comfortable, even in the most severe climate. Solar control qualities and film life vary greatly from film to film. Cheaper is usually not better.  Consumers should insist on a quality brand.

  • Faster time to complete work
  • Precise contour fitting without gaps between film & window edge
  • Custom graphics
  • Perfectly rounded corners & straight long edges
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We use the latest advanced technology, which means: