Vehicle Wrap

Full Vehicle Wraps

Whether you're looking to protect your vehicle's paint finish or looking for a solution to that faded lack-luster finish you currently have, a 3M vinyl wrap is the solution for you. Forget the expense and hassle of having your car painted, a 3M vinyl wrap can be applied to your vehicle's exterior giving it a high gloss, matte, or graphic finish. Unlimited color combinations give you the ability to stand out from the rest with a one-off custom wrap. 

Color Swatch

3M Wrap

The Wrapping Process

Just like in many other application processes, a lot of time and emphasis needs to be spent on prepping your vehicle for the actual wrapping process. Techs at Soundworks first start by disassembling certain components like removing the headlights, taillight, and door handles. This allows us to wrap the vinyl completely around corners and edges so that during the expansion and contraction of the film, related to changes in temperature, there is no shrink-back that reveals the existing finish underneath. Some shops will cut corners during this step in order to save time, but we believe it is a vital to get this right to ensure the best quality job. Then all the wax is removed, and the finish is cleaned and prepped with adhesive promoter in certain areas to ensure the best adhesion possible. Lastly we apply the vinyl using heat, pressure, and years of experience to form and mold the vinyl as we apply it, ensuring the best quality job possible. We guarantee our work and our 3M products and know you will love your new wrap job.

Roof Wrap

Hood & Roof Wraps

A great inexpensive way to add some flair to your vehicle's appearance, starting as low as $80 for a small roof wrap. Use a gloss black or carbon fiber wrapped roof and or hood to accent your vehicle's exterior. Try following the body lines in your hood and bumper to give your front-end a more aggressive look without painting or adding a body kit. Let your imagination run wild or talk with one of our specialist to come-up with a true one-off look.

Interior Panel Wraps

Another great way to customize your ride is by wrapping your interior panels with colored, textured or printed vinyl. This is a simple way to personalize your interior and can often be done in a short amount of time and on a budget. Add carbon fiber accents or gloss colors to match your exterior for a sportier look, or go with a more elegant finish of brushed aluminum or wood grain for a classier luxurious look.