There's no denying that every trip, from a quick trip to the local supermarket to cross-country vacation hauls, are much easier and more enjoyable when the kids have access to engaging entertainment options. Backseat video systems that allows your kids to watch their favorite movies and cartoons, or, in some cases, even play their video game system.


Headrest System

Rear Seat Headrest Systems involve separate components, LCD monitors, which generally range from 5 to 7 inches, are often mounted in the front-seat headrests. Modern headrest systems now allow you to replace the headrest entirely with a new set that comes with the monitors pre-installed with DVD player or iPod player built in and can even match your interior down to color, grain, and stitching. These systems require no custom modification to your vehicle and can typically be installed within a couple of hours. Don't put yourself through another agonizing trip with the little ones, call Elite Auto Image today to learn more. 


Flip Down Systems

There are certainly some inherent advantages to an overhead monitor. Mounting a monitor on the ceiling makes it much easier for all your backseat passengers to see the picture. This type of monitor is also well out of harm's way whenever you're loading or unloading cargo from your vehicle. Some include built-in dome lights, in case you have to mount it over your vehicle's factory dome light. Some are also compatible with housings that have been designed for specific vehicles (that let you retain factory ceiling-mounted controls and displays). Some overhead monitor/player combos even feature built-in wireless FM modulators, which beam the audio signal over an unused FM frequency directly to your factory stereo, as well as infrared transmitters, that send the audio signal wirelessly to a set of compatible headphones.


Rear seat entertainment systems provide backseat entertainment for your passengers. Play rear seat movies, keep the kids busy with game systems, and enjoy the peace of the road with the comforts of home. See us at our shop in Millersville today!

Wireless Headphones

Most systems come with wireless infrared headphones that allow the users to hear crystal clear audio while up front passengers can listen to the radio.


Gaming Systems

Most systems come with multiple inputs, and much like your TV at home almost any source can be inputted. That's right... that includes your favorite Game Systems.


Other Source Units

Mode technology such as apple TV, iPods, Tablets, and hard-drive devices are also a possibility with most setups.