Remote Car Starter Systems



The biggest benefit of a remote starter is the comfort of having a car that is warm or cool before you get in. By leaving the heater or air conditioning in the "On" position, a driver can activate the remote starter then wait several minutes, during which time the climate control runs. Because the car is operating without the keys in the ignition or the driver present, most remote starters also include controls for locking the doors to secure the car remotely.


There is also a safety benefit to having a remote starter. By allowing an icy car to warm up before driving, it is easier to scrape or defrost the windows, resulting in greater visibility for the driver. Warming the car also melts snow and ice that can obstruct the headlights or brake lights, making your car more visible to other drivers, especially in snowy conditions.

Engine Care

Warming the car, before driving, is beneficial for the engine. For the car's climate control system to start producing warm air, the engine must first warm up as it runs. Because the car idles for several minutes before being driven the engine oil becomes more viscous and provides better lubrication once the driver is ready to go. This warm up period is especially beneficial for cars or trucks with diesel engines, but gas engines also benefit from this feature.

Resale Value

A remote starter also increases the resale value of your car, especially if you live in an area with extreme climate conditions. While it may not be as important as the car's overall condition or mileage, it can still be a useful selling point or a reason to demand more value for a trade-in at a dealership.

OEM Style Remote Start Systems

Use Factory Key Fob To Start Your Car


New advancement in the development of CAN bus (A controller area network is a vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other) vehicle systems allow less complex vehicle interfacing for remote start system. No need for bulky relay boxes and brains to start your car. Most new cars have SMART KEYS which allow us to utilize your factory key to start the car by simple pressing Lock 3X. No need for multiple key fobs to control your remote start system. Likewise these systems are minimally invasive to you cars electrical system.


Alarm Systems

In this day and age taking every precaution to protect your vehicle and property is a prudent measure. Crime can affect you when you least expect it.  A car alarm is a simple device that sends a message to the potential thief that there is a high likelihood that someone will be alerted if they attempt to perpetrate the crime. In the case of protecting personal valuables, an auto alarm is a cost effective measure to safeguard your property. Thieves, by their nature, will always choose an easier target. The act of installing an alarm increases the likelihood that your vehicle won’t be chosen if other easier alternatives are available.



Smart Phone Remote Start & Alarm Systems

Back in the day it was a common thing to walk over to the window and point your remote at your car in hopes that it would be close enough to start, preventing you from having to endure the cold to get within range to start your car. Most recently that has become an issue of the past. Imagine living on the 3rd or 4th floor of an apartment complex and being able to start your car right from your bedside, and receiving a notification that your car has safely started. Most modern remote start system and or alarm system can be paired with a new cellular data module and your smart phone giving you the ability to monitor and control your remote start or alarm system virtually anywhere. Distance is no longer a limiting factor with a Clifford Smart start unit. Call one of Elite Auto Image's experienced sales members and lean more about the option for you.


Smart Keyless Entry
Ignition Systems

The car key has come a long way. Smart Keyless Entry and Ignition System is a convenience feature that has long been enjoyed in the exclusive domain of luxury vehicles. We are dedicated to providing this convenience technology in the form of an aftermarket product for all vehicles. Entering and starting your vehicle has never been easier. Advanced Keys' Smart Access Keyless Entry System will recognize the key holder as you approach - even when the access key is in your pocket or bag. It will automatically unlock the doors as you approach or lock as you walk away. To start the vehicle, simply press the start button. Freeing up your hands from fumbling for your key/remote, especially when you have things to carry or are too cold to remove your gloves.


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