Better Than Factory
True OEM Enhanced Sound

Factory Sound Shortfalls

Do you love the way your fully integrated dash looks with all the sleek features on one easy to read touch screen panel but are less than impressed with the sound? Then you're like the majority of vehicle owners. Factory stereo systems leave a lot to be desired. For instance, they’re often programmed with equalization (EQ) curves that compensate for the system’s lack of power by reducing the bass level, and because the speakers are all located at different distances from you, the sound arrives at your ears at different times, making your music sound a little muddy. Often, the best solution is to replace the factory stereo, but the dash designs of some vehicles can make that option difficult, Luckily, this problem has some solutions that let you keep your factory stereo and get spectacular sound, customized for your specific vehicle. Elite Auto Image can handle your car stereo installation, no problem.


Decent Sound But No Bass

Does your stereo system sound decent but seem to lack on the low-end bass?  We have the solution -- an aftermarket sub designed to fit seamlessly with your factory stereo system to give you the look and feel of a true premium sound system without all those bulky amps and loss of storage space in the truck. Often these solutions can be far less expensive than options offered by the dealer, if in fact they do offer a solution at all. Most of these aftermarket options fit in a trunk pocket or under the seat to ensure that loss of cargo space is kept to a minimum.

The Power of Digital Sound Processing (DSP)

Most basic and even premium systems have very basic sound equalization and processing abilities, leaving you desiring more. A DSP improves the sound in any vehicle with an existing audio system, optimizing audio signals and your car’s listening space, no matter what kind of car it is. Optional Logic 7® matrix processing, up to 31-band equalization, user presets and precision active crossovers are but a fraction of these unit’s features. On board power allows direct connection for existing speakers, while pre-amp outputs offer comprehensive system expansion. These solutions offer a great affordable way to get premium sound at a fraction of the price.

Serious Sound for the Serious Enthusiast

For the true sound junkies wanting nothing less then a true audiophile experience, a full sound system integration is the way to go. We maintain your factory or OEM stereo head unit, then interface an analog or digital sound processor that interprets the signal and compensates for non-linear transmissions - correcting this along with a handful of other parameters such as time alignment and bass roll off. After the signal is cleaned up and voltage output increased it is then sent to an amplifier or series of amplifiers providing the speakers and subs with clean powerful sound. Pair those components with a great set of component or coaxial speakers and sub, and your stereo system will truly come to life ensuring an exhilarating daily commute. Call one of our audio specialist and discuss the endless options for your vehicle.


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