Put A Vehicle Wrap to Work For your Business

A traveling advertisement is valuable in both urban and rural settings. In a city environment, a Soundworks Wrap can be seen by others while sitting in traffic, driving down the street, and by onlookers from surrounding buildings. In a rural environment, your Vehicle Wrap is visible to those in your town and others driving down the road.

A True Advertising Solution

Vehicle wraps give small business owners a unique way to advertise their company. Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl and can adhere to a car or truck for years without ruining the paint. Business owners can have their company name, phone number, logo, selling message, and just about any unique design or color placed on their car or truck and have hundreds of people view their add by simply driving around town going to appointments with customers or going to the grocery store. 

Dollar Sign

The Cost of a Custom Commercial Wrap

Advertising in traditional outlets like newspaper, magazines, and the Internet can cost a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month depending on the type of ad that is placed. If you are running a start-up company and you do not have the money up front for traditional forms of advertising, you may want to consider financing a vehicle wrap for your advertising needs. Vehicle wraps can cost around $2,000 for a small car to $6,000 for a large truck or RV. Since a vehicle wrap can last three to five years, this can be a cost effective way for a business owner to advertise their company. Plus when one considers the number of views that will occur daily just by driving around town, vehicle wrap advertising can be the least expensive way for a business owner to advertise their business. What many business owners do not know is that vehicle wraps can be financed.  With a small processing fee and payments that can be as low as $99 per month, leasing a vehicle wrap allows a business owner to maintain the cash they have on hand for other business purposes while getting the vehicle wrap they need for advertising.


Logo/Spot Graphic

Spot Graphic

This type of advertising follows a more traditional route with a logo and lettering to advertise the basic info of your company. This can be very affordable with minimal downtime of your vehicle.

Partial or 1/4 Wrap

1/4 Wrap

A partial wrap allows you to add a small graphic or design element that will pop; while not breaking the bank. 

Half Wrap 

Half Wrap

Half wrap will give you a good amount of room to display all pertinent business information while also giving plenty of room for some graphic design elements.

Full Wrap

Full Wrap

Full Wrap will ensure that your rolling billboard will be seen by everyone who passes it. Tons of room for both graphic design elements and pertinent business information ensure that your vehicle will truly stand out from the rest.

Trailer Advertising Wrap

Commercial Wraps for Any Vehicle or Equipment

Dont limit your advertising wrap campaign to just your vehicles. Wrap material can be applied to most surfaces out there. Trailer wraps, boats wraps, RV wraps, heavy equipment machines, store fronts,etc.  Call one of our specialist today to discus your new wrap.

Amazing Race Vehicle Wrap